Organic Aromatherapy and Comfrey 

Scottish comfrey ointment, organic handmade soaps, organic essential oils, natural beeswax candles, gardeners hand balm, organic calendula ointment for eczema-prone skin, organic bath and body oils and lots more. Gentle on skin and eco friendly. Made in Scotland, UK

We have lots of fantastic organic gift ideas for Mother's Day - The Love Organic Gift Box is full of ultimate pampering.  The Gardener's Organic Gift Box is ideal for protecting hands and bodies after gardening. Or why not choose your own gift box  contents and we'll make it up for you.  

Bath & Body Oils, lots of fantastic balms and gels.  Our Love Soap is one of a 8 different organic soaps with organic essential oil blends  to choose from.  Make her day special!

Our comfrey macerate oil is beautifully green and luscious oil, in premium condition - buy it now   Loved by a tired skin in need of replenishment and also used since ancient times for sprains, strains, ligament issues and arthritis relief.  We use our comfrey in our top selling comfrey ointment, gardener's hand balm, herbal foot balm, skin SOS balm and reflexology balm. 

New stocks just in - sweet marjoram essential oil, cedarwood, peppermint, vetivert essential oils, evening primrose, rosehip, and st johns wort macerate carrier oils.

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Watch the video below to learn more about comfrey ointment and other organic products from Aromatherapist Jacqui Christie. 


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